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September Update!

September Update!

Hi All,

Thank you for your patience whilst the server was down earlier for an update. We have been working on this update for a while now and is probably the largest update we have made to the server this year and are really looking forward to sharing it with you all!

What Is New?

* Unmarked Range Rover Sport has re-joined the fleet after some time away!

* Volkswagen Passat and Volvo S60 have joined the fleet!

* We have a brand new Custody Suite located at Vinewood Station - this can only be accessed through the gated underground car park. This is a Donator exclusive addition and details will be released in donator chat on how to access this station.

* Davis Police Station has had a massive overhaul, it now has a complete interior, underground garage, offices etc - this will now be where you spawn into the game!

* La Mesa station has now transformed into a Roads Policing Unit (RPU), it's close proximity to the motorway makes this the perfect place for a base! Please be aware you will only be able to spawn RPU suitable cars at this location, all others have been removed from this station.

* We now have in game Sepura/VOIP radio! (Separate user instructions will be issued for this) With the introduction of this we will be moving away/phasing out our dispatch VC in Discord over the coming weeks as this is a much more immersive solution which we have all been waiting for!

* Brand new Traffic and ERPT EUP has been added, there are now so many more options for customisation and you can now really look the part as a Traffic Officer.

* We have introduced the Breathalyser and Drugalyser scripts which allow for a far more immersive RP scenario.

* Spike strips are BACK! Thanks to JPryer we now have working spike strips again, not only

do the work PVP but they also work on AI vehicles.

* Heathrow Airport Police Station is now LIVE!

* Discover our other unannounced MLO's!

We look forward to seeing you RP on the server!

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