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Divisional Applications


ERPT Commander: Nuka

Emergency Response Policing 

Basic Requirements:

  • 12 Hours Total Gameplay Time

  • No warnings in last 7 days

  • Server verified for 4 days

ARV Commander: Crisp

Armed Response

Basic Requirements:

  • Fire Arms Knowledge 

  • Firearms Situational Awareness

  • Clean Fire Arms Record 

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CID Commander: Tony

Criminal Investigation Dept

Basic Requirements:

  • x1 CID RP Scene completed with CID Officer

  • Confident with Chain Of Custody

  • Can use emotes correctly and quickly


RPU Commander: JakeLewisF1

Roads Policing Unit

Basic Requirements:

  • Clean driving record

  • Reasonable level of traffic knowledge

  • x1 RPU ride along pre-completed prior to app

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Tactical Operations

TacOps Commander: Jamesb316

Basic Requirements:

  • Understanding Dog Commands 

  • Good Understanding of flight controls & camera

  • Understanding of Off Road Driving 


LFB Commander: Piper L

London Fire Brigade

Basic Requirements:

  • Basic Knowlege Of Firefighting & Tools

  • 12 Hours On The Server

  • Must been verified For 14 Days