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August Update

What's New?


  • Tac-Ops 3 series KENT police (reskin)

  • Tac-Ops Drone support vehicle X5

  • Tac-Ops Land Rover Discovery (INSP)

  • Skoda Superb Unmarked

  • Met Ford Transit Cell Van

  • Met Sprinter

  • Unmarked Ford Focus (PO Donator Premium)


State of art customizable system for managing emergency services. Tailored for police, fire, and LAS departments, it offers features like hotline services, civilian and vehicle registries, shift management, panic buttons, emergency call handling, record searches, and department statistics."


You will find when you join the game you will be met with a new vehicle spawner. This will allow you to chose from a number of locations including; Police Stations, LAS Bases. LFB Bases, CIV Locations & much more.

Door Locks

Custody Sergeants will now find them selves with the ability to be able to lock cell doors. This ability will allow a more deeper depth of RP and allow more RP's to take place around the custody process.

New Mission Row

You will find a fancy new Mission Row police station which comes with a full custody suite filled with holding cells, search room, interview room & plenty more eater eggs to be found.

Lake Side (Sandy Shores Update)

Sandy Shores has had a nice little update to which includes a change of scenery. You will now notice Sandy Shores is now called Lake Side, this new update for Sandy should also add an extra level of depth for players wishing to play in the Kent area.

DJ Script

At the Vinewood Bowl, you will find a stage complete with lighting effects, and multiple atmospheric effects. This will also come complete with some DJ decks allowing you to mix multiple of your own song for all people in the sever to listen to.

This would be a great for you to chill with your mates on a night out or maybe even head there when you clock of duty and go and relax with your friends.

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