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Welcome to Pure FivePD 

This guide will be helpful to players new and returning with some useful information,


When you join the server you will spawn at a RANDOM police station if this is your first time on the server you will need to teleport to MRPD (MISSION ROW) as this is where you will be able to spawn your first car 

Getting your uniform on is nice and simple 


To get your uniform you will need to do the command /EUP and select MET and then select your uniform from the list. This should be the standard MET RP PED (Male or Female) not the ARV or RPU uniforms and you should have no markings on the uniform of any rank if your uniform has any rank markings on it you will need to change them in the ’M’ menu

Going on duty is just as easy 


You will need to open the F11 menu and toggle on duty and you will then want to get your equipment by selecting your load out (taser and ASP) (notice how the option for spawning a car state n/a and will not let you change it that is because we need to go to the carpark and collect car there)

Getting your car


You will need to go to the spawn point located in the carpark (MARKED BY A BLUE CAR)        it will then prompt you to open the menu by pressing ‘E’ KEY you will be able to spawn any of the top 3 cars in that list 

(to get access to more you will need to become server verified)

To become server verified 


you will need to get a few bit of information from the MDT (POLICE COMPUTER) to open the MDT you will need to press the ‘B’ KEY (this can be changed in the settings for GTA) you will then need to join the department

Now you have joined the department you will of been given a random call sign (LL-NNN) you will need this along with your name in the MDT in order to become sever verified

Once you have this information you will need to post this in the discord  channel named  #get-verified

Please post your callsign and name in this format as it will make locating you in the database easier 


When you have been verified you will be given a NEW callsign to correspond to our probationary officers this will look a little like this [PO-999] your discord nickname will also be changed to match the MDT

Its important to note that you will need to link your DISCORD and FIVEM accounts as this is how you gain access to more vehicles (YOUR FIVEM AND MDT NAMES MUST MATCH)


(PLEASE NOTE WHEN A MEMBER OF STAFF GETS THE TIME THEY WILL VERIFY YOU PLEASE DO NOT ASK WHEN IT WILL BE DONE OR IF SOMEONE CAN DO IT NOW, our staff volunteer their time and have busy jobs IRL and are not paid for their service)


Want to be a CIV ? Anyone is welcome to be a civ and roleplay But you need to apply , have a look at civ rules HERE

(Do not use Guns as a CIV)

Read our FAQ HERE

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