Welcome to Pure FivePD 

Welcome to the Met Police by joining the server you automatically join the police force. Press F11 and go on duty and spawn your vehicle. Calls will come through at random. Good luck out there ! 

The next step is now to get verified this can be done by stating your Call Sign in the verification chat in discord . A member of the ADMIN team will assign you your new Met Call sign. Please be patient as they will get it done as soon as possible . 

So your verified now , Good work you can now use more vehicle's find out which ones HERE 

So your wanting to know how to get the next rank up ?

You Will need to fill a application form out ( Found In Our Discord) You will need to answer all questions.

You MUST have been Server Verified for a minimum of 14 days before being eligible for promotion.

If you fail your application, you MUST wait a minimum of 5 days before re-applying. Re-applying before your 5 days is up will result in an automatic failure.

Once you have submitted your application, you will find the result in this channel, where a staff member will let you know the outcome within 7 days of your application being submitted. Please do not DM or @ a staff member for your result, as your request will be ignored. 

If successful, you will be assigned your discord and in-game roles as soon as possible.

After you have ranked to Police Officer you can rank up the next one, it's Easy just RP & follow the rules , Be active on discord and the server. It's that easy. Just don't ask for a rank up .

Support Services

We had an over complex system previously with LFB, LAS, CIV & MET, we decided to simplify this down to MET and Support Services. Support Services now covers LFB, LAS, HM Coastguard, RNLI, Mountain Rescue and Highways England (HE).

To gain access to support services please submit an application and you will hear back within so many days. 

Want to be a CIV ? Anyone is welcome to be a civ and roleplay, the more the better ! have a look at civ rules HERE

(Do not use Guns as a CIV)

Read our FAQ HERE


[IN GAME] To go on duty press F11 this will bring up a menu, enable the box at the top which says go on duty, Once in your vehicle press B then join the department , While in the police computer your default call sign is in the top Right For example SU-82. Post yours in the Verification Chat in discord.