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Ford Focus

Vauxhall Astra

Peugeot 308 Hatchback



Depending on your current rank, here is the list of Vehicles you will have available. Head to a vehicle symbol        on the map this allows you to spawn them Via The List (Subject to Rank).  


Local Policing Team

Vauxhall Astra - PO

Astra Kent - PO

Peugeot 308 Hatch - PO

Ford Focus - PO

Peugeot 308 - PC Donator 

Ford Focus ST - PC Donator

Peugeot 3008 - PC

Unmarked Skoda Kodiaq - PC

Unmarked Vauxhall Astra - PC

Kia Ceed - PC

Mercedes Sprinter - PC

Vauxhall Vivaro - PC

Seat Ateca - SGT

Insignia Estate - SGT Donator

VW Passat - SGT

Mach E - INS (Donator)

Jaguar F Pace - INS

Roads Policing Unit

Under construction

Armed Response  

Unmarked BMW Estate - PC

2017 RR Sport Marked - PC 

Mercedes Sprinter - PC

Marked XC90 - PC Donator Premium

X5 ARV (Kent) - PC

V60 Unmarked - PC Donator 

BMW X5 ARV - Donator -SGT

Unmarked XC90 - SGT

Unmarked X5 - SGT

VW Touareg - INSP

Discovery Marked - Donator - INSP

3 Series Estate ARV - INSP

Tac Ops

530d Dog - PC 

Skoda Octavia Dog - PC

Ford Connect Dog - PC

Ford Mondeo Dog KENT - PC

VW Tiguan - PC (Standard)

Ford Transit Incident Support - PC

Isuzu D-Max - PC

Unmarked Audi S3 - INSP

Unmarked BMW 3 Series - INSP

Volvo XC60 - INSP

Audi S3 (reskin) - PC (Advanced)

BMW 1 Series - PC (Standard)

BMW M3 Saloon - PC (Advanced)

BMW 5 Series Saloon - PC (Advanced)

330d 2021 - PC Donator (Standard)

Isuzu D-Max KENT - PC

Police Helicopter - PC

VW T6 Dog Unit - SGT Donator

Skoda Superb Dog - SGT Donator Premium


Unmarked Tiguan PC

VW Golf - PC

Unmarked Octavia Estate PC

Seat Leon Cupra - PC

Unmarked Range Rover - SGT 

Unmarked X3 - Donator SGT

Unmarked 1 Series - SGT

Unmarked 3 Series - Donator SGT

Unmarked S60 - INSP Donator Premium

Unmarked BMW X7 - INSP

Unmarked S5 - INSP

Auxiliary Services 

Highways England Utility Lorry
Highways England Discovery 5
Highways England XC90
Highways England X5 F15

HMCG Helicopter

Highways England Gritter

HM Coastguard Range Rover

HM Coastguard Ford Ranger

London Ambulance Service

LAS Incident Response Van
LFB Command Support Unit Van - TL 

Toyota Rav 4 - TL

Skoda Octavia - HEMS

HEMS Helicopter - HEMS

RSQ8 Paramedic Car - P Donator 

Ford Ambulance - P

Fiat Ducato Ambulance - P

LAS Skoda Octavia RRV - P


LAS VW Tiguan - SP

IRU Ambulance - SP

London Fire Brigade

Ladder Pump Truck - FF

Scania Ladder Pump Truck - FF

High Rise Ladder Truck - FF

Command Support Unit - CM


Commander Audi S5 - CMDR

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