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LFB Handbook




1 | Introduction

2| Arriving On Scene

4 | Ladder Controls

3 | Radio Comms

5 | List of Incidents

6 | Essential Keybinds and Commands




1 | Introduction

Anything inside brackets [...] is a command when using the command please make sure you do not put the brackets in but you must use the ‘ / ‘ followed by the command.


This guide is here to help you get a grip on how to fight fires and use the equipment 


To get your fire truck you spawn this the same way you would get the police cars by going to the markers at the fire stations 

Arriving On Scene
Ladder Controls
Radio & Status Guide
  1. Arriving on scene 


Once you have pulled up you will have a limited amount of water and will run out eventually to avoid this you will need to set up the supply lines this is easy to do here are the steps to do so 


Step 1

Stand at the back of the truck

Step 2

Type the command [ /supplyline setup]

Step 3

To get the fire hose Stand near your supply line and type the command [ /hose] and then press the enter key to  connect the hose to the supply line 

Step 4

Use and enjoy your now limitless amount of water 

  1. Leaving scene 


Step 1

Stand at the back of the truck

Step 2 

Type the command [ /supplyline remove]

Step 3 

Leave the scene when ready 

  1. Fighting the fires


It's not as simple as pulling up and spraying water at the fire. Different types of fire have different requirements 


To first get your hose type the command [ /hose] this will give you the normal water hose.

When you have the hose out you may change the type of resource that is sprayed from the hose from water to foam just by typing the command [ /foam] to change back to water just retype the command for the hose [ /hose] (You may need to use this when fighting fires as spraying water on a chemical or electrical fire could make it worse)


When using the hose you can change the pressure of the hose by using the up and down keys


To clear the smoke you can use the fans to do so to set up use the command [ /fan setup] to remove type the command [ /fan remove]


  1. RTC

As LFB you have access to the jaws of life / spreaders to use them pull up on scene and type the command [ /spreaders] you can now remove the required doors from      the vehicles however you may wish to stabilise the vehicle if its in a dangerous    location this can be done using the stabilisers to set them up stand near the vehicle you need to stabilise and do the command [ /stabilisers setup] when you are finished and need to remove them type the command when standing near the stabilisers [ /stabilisers remove] and your good to go 


  1. LFB Ladder truck


With the ladder truck you will need to set this up this is done by typing the command  [ /setupvehicle] do this when you get into the ladder truck before driving off once the ladder has been installed you will need to wait about 20 seconds before you can drive off ( this is just the game recognizing that the ladder has been connected) 


To take control of the ladder simply press the X key (can be done from in the truck, next to the truck or in the cage)


       (5.1) The controls for the movement of the cage are 


W.A.S.D = Ladder swivel or tilt

Shift = Extends the ladder

Control = Retracts the ladder

Left and Right arrow keys = fold / unfold the bucket

Up and Down arrow keys = tilts the bucket

Page up and Page down = Extends / retracts the stabiliser legs 

Home and Insert = Extend / retracts the stabiliser feet 


To enter and exit the cage use the commands [ /entercage] or [ /exitcage]


Also note you can use the hose commands from the cage 


  • LFB Radio & Status Guide


When Booking on duty, 

select uniform, arrive at chosen station, spawn LFB Truck, click on duty in the F11 menu.


Radio Message when control is active, 

Open /metradio Select Met-London FQ1

Control from (Callsign) Over. Control Responds

Control from (Callsign-LFB) is on duty & home station available at (whatever station you choose to ride at) I.E Sandy Shores Over. Control responds 


When Required at Incident Control will mobilise you 

(Callsign) from Control over

Control from (Callsign) go ahead over

(Callsign) from control please attend (Incident type) at address, Over

Control from (Callsign) Preceding to (Incident Type) at address< Rank, Number of crew.Over

(Control can respond if they cave any other information I.E Number of casualties


            Arriving on scene 

Control from (Callsign) Over.

(Callsign) from Control Responds.

Control from (Callsign) in attendance . 


(Second or third Appliance would call saying they are Closing Down)


            Requesting Backup

            Back up from police can be requested the radio or the backup menu,


            Message for Police or LAS

            Control from (Callsign) Over.

(Callsign) from Control Responds.

            Control from (Callsign) Request immediate attendance of Police for I.E Traffic control

            (Callsign) from Control Responds.


Message for more LFB resources or Urgent attendance of Police/LAS

            Control from (Callsign) PRIORITY Over.

(Callsign) from Control Responds Go ahead with Priority.( This signals to all other radio users not to interrupt & control to prioritise call)

(Callsign) to Control MAKE PUMPS 3 for BA Ect. (the make up number is YOU plus the number of trucks you require to deal with the incident)




Informative Message  

 (After being at an incident it is good practice to send control an informative message to   keep them and everybody else informed of the situation) 


Control from (Callsign) Over.

(Callsign) from Control Responds.

Control from (Callsign) Informative message from (Rank & Name) at (Address) This is a fire involving a 2 story motel 50% alight, crew making steady progress,

(Equipment used) 2xBA, 1xHore Reel, 1x Fan

Tactical offensive. Over

(Callsign) from Control Responds by either repeating or All received Out.


STOP Message 

(Once incident is finished or no more assistance required a STOP message should be sent)


Control from (Callsign) Over.

(Callsign) from Control Responds.

Control from (Callsign) STOP from (Rank & Name) For (Address) 

Fire is now out 

(Equipment used) 2xBA, 1xHore Reel, 1x Fan. Over

(Callsign) from Control Responds by either repeating or All received Out.


Returning to station

Control from (Callsign) Over.

(Callsign) from Control Responds.

Control from (Callsign) Now Mobile available to (Station you are working from) 

(Callsign) from Control Responds


Once back at station follow first step

If out patrolling Make yourself mobile available over the radio in whatever area


List of Priority Make Ups

Make Pump ( number)

Make Ladder Truck

Make Incident support

Make Officer


Attendance of Police for (Traffic control, Violent MOP, suspected drink driver, crime committed)

Attendance of SOCO for suspected arson.

Attendance of LAS for (List injuries, Gender, Age , No. of Cas

Attendance of HCG (water rescue)

Attendance of HEMS 


List of Incidents

Fires Persons reported


Fire Alarms

RTC Persons Trapped

RTC clean ups

Animal rescue

Water Rescue

Chemical Spills 

Persons locked in/out


Persons Trapped (Machinery, Building ect


Can also attend to back up LAS at mass casualty events


List of Incidents

4 | Essential Keybinds and Commands


Basic FivePD Commands are not covered within the scope of this document, but further information can be found at

Met Radio


Use of the in-game radio is absolutely essential for LFB , and indeed for any other  staff of the other services. 


Using the radio is simple and all commands and actions are covered here:

Emergency Lighting System (ELS)

To use the new lighting system please use the below key binds: 


Turn on Blues - "Q" 

Turn on Rear Reds - "L"

Turn on Matrix Board – “K” (only if the car is fitted with one)

Turn on/off Sirens – “G” 

Change Siren – “1”-Wail – “2”-Yelp – “3”-Phaser – “4”-HiLo

Cycle Sirens - "R"


These commands are all changeable through the pause menu in key bindings if you wish to change them.


Scene Management


Press F4 to access scene manager


- You can place speed zones

- You can place props (which cannot be knocked over by vehicles)

- You can control individual lanes of traffic

- You can control peds as well as vehicle movements

Changes to commands will be posted in the announcements channel, the ‘getting-started’ channel and the PURE website as and when new systems come into place.  



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