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New met police ped & Ranks

Chat roles

Chat roles are now a thing, this small update adds a prefix of Admin for example, to those with an admin role in the chat box, this will make it easier for people to see who is admin or server owner should they need help/assistance on the server.

New Ped & uniform

The big change which i'm sure you will be happy with is we now have a 'paid for' Male MET Police ped which is incredibly detailed. This payware has been kindly bought and donated to the community by [IS-04] Jacob [CIV] and [CI-08] scotsgamer93 [CIV], for which we are incredibly grateful for so thanks both of you, a very kind gesture

You can access the new ped via the /eup menu, select MET Police and then Male Cop Generic. You can then use the vMenu to alter certain parts of the uniform by going to Player Related Options >> Player Appearance >> PED Customization, which include:

- White Long and Short Sleeved Shirt with Frontline Ranks.

- Fleece Jacket with Black Tie and White Shirt with Frontline Ranks.

- Belts with detailed equipment including, New Met Police Baton, PAVA Spray, Cuffs and Optional X2 Taser.

- Black MetVest with an Axon Body 3 and Sepura SC20 radio, both light up in the dark.

- Optional Warrant Card and Blue Lanyard for the shirts and fleece.

- Flat Peaked Hat with 3D Inspector Ranking.

New ranks

From now on, any member requesting to be server verified will be moved to the rank of 'Probationary Officer' or [PO]

The rank of 'Police Constable' will now be a rank that is earned and allocated to members that are active in the community and on our server.

In addition to this, in order for someone to be accepted to the rank of 'Police Constable' a very short and simple training exercise will need to be carried out with one of our Admin's and also that member must have had the [PO] rank as mentioned above for no less than 2 weeks.

The reason for this is we want to provide a high standard of RP within our server, the training will go through the very basics of what is expected of our members RP'ing as a Police Officer, which in turn will have everyone at this rank singing from the same hymn sheet.

Anyone that is currently at the rank of [PC] will remain at this rank - the changes mentioned above are in affect as of now.

The [PO] rank will have the same access as the current server verified members do with regards to vehicles, this will change in the near future once we have decided on a list of what vehicles we feel should be at what rank.

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