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Legion Square has had an overhaul

Legion Square has had an overhaul, now it's somewhere for you and your friends to hang out...or maybe it's somewhere to create mischief? Who knows!

All police stations in the city are now enterable (Vinewood, Davis, La Mesa etc) - we are aware these at times can be a little buggy, it's something we plan to work on.

We now have a police station down on Del Perro Pier, make sure to pay a visit for fresh donuts for the grand opening!

We have some new limited edition vehicles joining the fleet, who knows how long they will stick around? Use them now whilst you have the chance:

Retro Vauxhall Astra (All)

Retro Ford Focus (All)

Armoured Defender (All)

Volvo XC70 (All)

Audi S4 Estate (PC+)

Jaguar F Pace (Senior+)

BMW 3 Series Saloon 2021 (Donator)

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