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Civ roleplay Update!

Server changes have been made:

* You can now play as a Paramedic. You are now able to attempt to revive a downed ped by pressing F6 whilst standing over them. First go to ped interaction then 'Stop the ped', this is very important if you don't want them to run away. Then use the 'Perform CPR' option, chances of survival are currently set to 75%, you can attempt to resurrect them more than once.

* New /help function added to the text chat. Type /help and see the options available.

* New /cuff system added to accommodate the new civ aspect (please see below).


We have now implemented some changes to the server to involve some Civ RP.

In order for you to be able to play as a Civ you must first be 'Civ Verified'.

To become 'Civ Verified' you must first be server verified for at least 1 week (this could change). You can then post in the #civ-verification-requests channel requesting to become a verified civ, an Admin will then carry out checks and grant you [CIV] status, of which will show on your discord name.

This does not affect your option to play as a police officer.

The reason we are putting these conditions in place is because fundamentally we are a FivePD server and we don't want to move too far away from this, however we also think that some sort of 'player civ' RP would be good fun and also more immersive if people want to go down that route.

we are going through your suggestions, vehicles will be added, loadouts will be changed, eup will be added, sirens are a work in progress.


Additional rules/instructions have been added to accomodate the civ RP scenario, these are:

1. There MUST be at least 3 Police Officers on duty before you can RP as a civ. This does not include anyone RP'ing as a Paramedic. Just ask in OOC chat how many officers are on duty.

2. Anyone playing as a civ must not use any firearms (we are a UK themed server, the likelihood of firearms being used in everyday general crime activity is low), this may be changed if the RP is good enough to do so.

3. Anyone playing as a civ or a police officer must use the FearRP rule or the GunFear rule. This means you must show genuine fear for your life should a scenario arise whereby, for example, you are at gun point or a taser is being pointed at you. Please google FearRP for a more indepth explanation.

4. If playing as a civ, to report a crime, or to initiate an RP situation you want police to attend, please use /999 in text chat, followed by your description of the situation and reply as if on a phone call. Police officers can reply as normal as if they are on the radio. No officer is obliged to reply, we need to remember that some players prefer to just play the FivePD aspect on our server

5. Police officers can now cuff other players. To do this type [/cuff n] where n is the number allocated to that player without the []. To find out the players number press and hold your middle mouse button. DO NOT abuse this function, doing so will result in diciplinary action.

6. Civs will have no inventory or identitiy, its down to you to RP as you see fit, a lot like the DOJ RP setup, you get out of an RP situation what you put in, use /me's /do's and the like. Police officers, its down to you to RP situations such as criminal records etc as obviousley the MFD will be defunct in a civ RP situation.

7. Any verified civ that breaks any of the above rules or the standard server rules will be liable to diciplinary action.

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