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December Update

It’s that time of year where the councils need to spend their budgets, this year they have focussed on Sandy Shores, it’s had a complete revamp including shifting the policing border, Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores or should I say Lakeside as it is now called, is now policed by Kent Police, they have sent over a few cars to tie is over along with a few MET Unmarked Cars. They have given us:

Vauxhall Astra – Everyone

BMW X5 Traffic – Everyone

Volvo V90 – PC+


BMW 530D – Senior+

Along with this, every car in the server had been recalled to the garage to have their faulty airbags replaced… so if you crash you may get a surprise. (If your airbag has deployed, DO NOT drive your car any further or this will be deemed FailRP)

We have also incorporated a new vehicle searching function.

/setvehinv [Inventory] - Sets the vehicle inventory you are sitting in.

/clearvehinv - Clears the vehicle inventory you are sitting in.

/searchveh - Searches the vehicle you are facing (you must be outside)

After starting a search, you will be in crouch mode and have the opportunity to walk around the vehicle, the results will come back after 20 seconds and the doors will then promptly close themselves.

As always if you have any suggestions on how to make the server better, please let us know.

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