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The Long awaited Update !

Hey Everyone,

New Dog Support Unit EUP

We now have an amazing new realistic DSU EUP for everyone to use when playing as a dog handling unit - to access this open the EUP menu by typing /eup in game

and selecting the Dog Support Unit uniform.

New K9 Skin

Before we had possibly the friendliest looking pooch ever as our K9 unit, it was a good run for that dog however the time has come for him to retire.

With that being said we have a new recruit 'Diesel' joining us and I'm sure you'll all have fun taking him on patrol with you!

New Vehicles

We have decided it was time for the MET to refresh its fleet a little and so the following will be joining the fleet:

Peugeot 308 Hatchback (Everyone)

Skoda Estate Dog Unit (Everyone)

BMW 530d Estate (PC and above)

BMW 330d 2021 Estate (Senior +)

Prison Transport (Senior Officer +)

Fire Officer X5 (Senior Support Services+)

Audi RS6 Estate (Donator)

BMW M4 (Donator)

Screenshots of these are below!

Don't forget to join the Dispatch channel when playing as MET, make sure you are signed on and actively using the CAD system as well! We can't wait to see you all on the server, best screenshot posted over in #screenshots will be featured on the PureFivePD website (HUD etc must not be visible to qualify).

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