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Spring Update

Sinner Street Station

Out with the old and in with the new as the saying goes! Sinner Street Station has had a full overhaul and update making it far more realistic for a British RP server which is after all what we are! We look forward to seeing you all at the station getting familiar with your new surroundings. (The expectation is that you RP it properly and go to the various rooms to get your tasers etc)

RNLI Hovercraft (Donator)

After a significant funding boost the RNLI have added a hovercraft to their fleet to assist with those tricky water and land rescues! (This resource was very kindly purchased and donated by OliverWhiteHead2901 – massive thank you from us)

H.A.R.T Ambulance (SS)

We now have a H.A.R.T incident response ambulance, it rides significantly higher than our regular ambulances to help navigate the tough terrain on the callouts HART typically respond to. (This was also purchased and donated by OliverWhiteHead2901 – massive thank you again)

Police Boat (PC and above)

There is absolutely no escaping the law now, with MET Police’s Latest addition to the fleet our shores will be that little bit safer!

Unmarked VW Golf(PC and above)

After a long absence from the MET fleet the Unmarked VW Golf is now back! It’s had a bit of a facelift and is ready for action…will you be the one it’s following?


We have added VoiceGPS now which can be toggled on/off by typing /vgps in chat. This makes navigating to calls much easier now as the directions are called out to you and you aren’t reliant on your sat nav.

We have also increased the road traffic so be careful when you are out and about responding to calls, the roads are much much busier… oh and did we mentioned the AI traffic can be a little unpredictable now?

The map has had an overhaul now as well as we plan to introduce semi regular patrols to the server (coming soon)!

We hope you enjoy this update and thank you to all our donators, whom without them the majority if this update would not have been possible! So thank you all again!

We look forward to seeing you on the server!

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