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Police Stations Update

We have sadly said goodbye to the BMW 540i Tourer and the Mercedes Ambulance! Transport Services have also shuffled some vehicles around so now vehicles spawn at their relevant stations.

Sinner Street HQ - All Police Vehicles.

La Mesa RPU – All Roads Policing Vehicles

Davis Dog Unit – All Dog Section Vehicles

Heathrow Airport – All ARV Vehicles (with the exception of two beat cars so non-PCs can get around as it’s the current spawn location.)

All other stations only have the general beat cars.

Joining the fleet, we have:

*Ford Focus ST – Everyone

*Vauxhall Vivaro – Everyone

*Volvo XC90 Unmarked ARV – PC+

*BMW 3 Series ARV – Senior+

*BMW 530i Traffic – Senior+

*Ford Ambulance – Support Services

We have also installed a rack script where you can rack/unrack your rifle from your vehicle, once in your vehicle, type “/unrack” to get your rifle (once firearms have been authorised). Once your firearms incident has concluded and you’re back in your vehicle, type “/rack” to put your weapon away. If your incident is using more ammo than expected go to the rear of your vehicle and press “E” to get more ammo.

Another new script is the Scene Management System using “F4” this will allow you to close lanes and traffic will filter over. Place barriers, and speed zones and all that jazz.

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