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New Pillbox Hospital !

New Pillbox mod added, this opens up the entire hospital and includes 2 receptions, a waiting room, several wards, theatre rooms and a massive ambulance garage. This mod was purchased and donated to the community by [DC-02] scotsgamer93 [HFTO] , Thanks scot, much appreciated mate. The LAS Department now have a main hub

New Sandy Shore Police Station re-skin and additional rooms added - This station now has cells you can use, among an armoury and evidence store.

Exterior of Sandy Shores Medical centre has been re-skinned with NHS textures (No interior for this yet though).

New chat command has been added. You can now use /lic for local in character chat, so if you are experiencing mic issues please use /lic when on a scene in order to communicate during roleplay, DO NOT USE OOC CHAT!

Spawn location has been changed to Sandy Shores Police Station - this will be changed bi-weekly between all stations across the map, this is to encourage more use of the map as people tend to accumulate around mission row and the RP rarely stretches to other areas


Please remember that you MUST NOT go out of character over in game voice, if you are having issues please use either the OOC chat or /looc chat

Enjoy folks!

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