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New Ownership

Hi guys, I just wanted to briefly update you with what's going on with PURE-FIVEPD and to explain the reason for the lack of presence from myself.

Unfortunately for me, IRL has been pretty busy and I simply do not have time anymore to further develop the server or keep on top of the general admin that is required to keep everything running smoothly.

Over recent months, our admin team has been reduced to just a handful of people, making it more difficult to again keep on top of all of the admin stuff, which is through no lack of trying by any means, people have lives.

With this said, the remaining co-owners and admins don't want to see our server or our community to disappear, so we are working together to come up with a solution whereby it can continue under a new ownership.

Please bare with us whilst we try to dot the i's and cross the t's, its just going to take a little bit of time to sort out.

Apologies from myself personally for not posting something sooner guys, we will keep you updated

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