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New map skins ,Car skins & More!


  • NEW Weapon Skins for Armed Response Loadout - SIG Sauer SIG516 (replaces Carbine Rifle)

  • Glock17 (replaces Combat Pistol)

  • NEW Taser Skin for Police Constable & Armed Response Loadout – X2 Taser (Replaces Taser)

  • Pillbox Medical NHS

  • London Underground Stations


  • Vauxhall Vivaro Transport Van (Available for Server Verified)

  • BMW 3 Series Interceptor (Available for Senior Officers and above)

  • Fire Extinguisher (Added to Police Constable and Armed Response Loadouts)


There is an issue with the fire extinguisher icon not appearing in the weapon select menu. IT IS THERE, but there is a GTA bug stopping it from appearing.

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