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New CAD Database


Recently I have been working on a CAD system for us to utilise when playing as a CIV or for when we are playing as a Police Officer and dealing with non AI CIV's.

The CAD system will allow you to enter details of any CIV character you wish to play as on our server along with any vehicles you'd like to register to that CIV.

The system is also there for anyone playing as Police to lookup details/records of CIV's and to add any offences that committed by that CIV to their record, so basically its the MDT for anything non FivePD within our server.

To access the CAD system please go to , you will see 2 options below the login form, 'New? Request Access' and 'Civilian Only? Request Access as Civilians

If you only plan on playing on our server as a civilian, then use the second option. If you play on our server and play as Police and as a civilian you will need to request access for both, you will need to do separate requests for both options.

When requesting access as civ only you will not need to wait for approval, you should be able to log in straight away after registering.

When choosing the 'New? Request Access' option you need fill in all fields. In the identifier field you MUST enter your call sign that has been allocated to you within the community. Also, please only select 'Metropolitan Police' from the 'Division' drop down list and not Dispatch, any requests that include the Dispatch option will be declined.

Within each registration page, the system asks for an email address, this is your login. So if you register for both, you will need to use different email addresses, however please note that these don't actually need to be genuine email addresses, you can make one up, just bare in mind that this will be your login username so don't forget it.

The system will be updated incrementally in due course to replace most of the American references with UK specific info.

I will be posting up a tutorial video in the next few days on our YouTube channel to fully explain and show you what it's all about, in the meantime have a look around, get your civs input into the database along with any cars you want to attach to your civ to and let's get some history attached to our civs.

I also want to add that there are some major updates due soon for FivePD, so that element of the server will also be updated once the release is .....erm released.

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