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London Fire Brigade

The mod allows you to start a fire at your current location, before you can do this an admin needs to add you to a whitelist, please ask an admin to add you in the server chat, you WILL need to be on the server at the same time as the admin in order for them to do this.

Once added to the whitelist you can then type /startfire which will give you instructions on what parameters you need to set within the command.

You can use a fire extinguisher to put the fire out or you can do /hose, which at the moment spawns a fire extinguisher that sprays water. This is supposed to spawn an actual hose model but currently its not working 100%. You can do /hose again to get rid of the extinguisher.

A firefighter ped is also now available in the /eup menu along with a LFB truck which everyone can access via the F11 menu.


1 - Random spawn locations removed. All players will now spawn at Mission Row when joining the server, you can still teleport between stations using the F11 menu.

2 - LFB Ped added to the /eup menu under London Fire Brigade

3 - Fire script added - allows players to start fires to generate RP scenarios - players will need to be added to a whitelist by an admin

4 - LFB Truck added to the F11 menu - all players have access to this

5 - Mitsubishi Outlander has been removed

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