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London Fire Brigade has had a serious funding boost and has managed to splash out on some fancy new uniforms:


We now have station uniforms, proper fire-fighting uniform and incident commander EUP available for use!

This is a huge upgrade from the old uniform for all our firefighters who risk their lives daily to keep us safe. Please make sure you have the correct EUP on for the situation, only senior officers should have the incident commander on) Please note it is worthwhile deleting your cache before joining the server again after this update.

Please note, that the helmets cannot be spawned from the /eup menu, but these are available in the vMenu MP character customisation. Look for Hats / Helmets number 42 and 43.

SmartFires Script

Fighting fires just got a whole lot harder! With our new fire script not only will you now have different types of fire to fight you will also have player started fires to deal with, automatic fires to deal with, these can all vary in size and intensity and will need multiple crews to help extinguish them.

Be careful though, if you fight your electrical fire with water it's only going to get bigger.... Fires will be spawned every 9 minutes, and de-spawn after 15. Make sure your pager is close-by to be notified of fire-alarm activations around the city!

Check your map for the location of a newly spawned fire.

Fire Tools

LFB doesn't just put out fires. They are routinely called out to RTC to help preserve life and rescue trapped individuals. The fire service has just purchased some shiny new kit to assist with this!


/stabilisers setup

/stabilisers remove


/fan setup

/fan remove

SmartHose Script

You now have a new and improved fire hose to help you fighting these tougher fires, you have foam or water at your disposal and you can now control the pressure as well:

Water Mode - Easily activate the water mode with /hose, using our custom addon weapon fire hose.

Foam Mode - Once you're in water mode, you can easily switch to spraying foam instead with the /foam command.

Foam Particles- We've added new particles for the foam mode to enhance realism. This is considerably different from the normal water particle and can be identified easily.

Foam Ground Effects - When using foam mode, a foam effect will be added to the ground everywhere you spray. This enhances realism on scene for all those involved.

Pressure System - When using either foam or water, using the arrow up and down keys will adjust the pressure of the foam or water making the particles bigger or smaller.

Supply Line

You can't just roll up to a fire scene and start blasting it with water anymore...oh no, to be able to get a continuous supply of water, you'll need to set up a supply line of water to your vehicle which you can now do thanks to our new supply line script.

Without this you'll have just 120 seconds to get the fire out before your engine runs out of water... then LAS might be recovering your dead body.


/supplyline setup (This must be done near a fire vehicle)

/supplyline remove (This must be done near a fire vehicle) After equipping your hose, stand near your connected fire truck, and hit Enter (edited)

MET Vehicle Changes

We also haven't forgotten about our wonderful MET team, after a long awaited arrival the new ARV X5 has arrived in the fleet and a newer unmarked X5 is also joining the fleet which means we are saying goodbye to the F15 X5 which is now being retired. (Please note to resolve the X5 texture issues, use the vMenu > Vehicle Option > Keep Vehicle Clean. This is a known model issue across all of these X5's and this is the only way to resolve it)

The old sprinter vans are truly racking up the miles now, and your colleagues will now use the slightly less battered Vauxhall Vivaro to pick up your customers

CAD Removal

We have taken the decision to remove the CAD from the server for now, this is a fantastic resource but we feel it requires a larger playerbase to be utilised correctly and to its full potential, once we have that larger player base then we can look at re-introducing it for everyone to use again.

We have also been paying money out of pocket to use the CAD, so we felt it was wiser to save the money and use it somewhere that would be of a greater benefit.


Our cuffing system has also had an upgrade, you now have the option to cuff someone from the front or the back - be careful and don't lose your cuffs, you get one set and your sergeant won't be happy having to issue you new ones!


/cuff (this needs to be done near a player)

/frontcuff (this needs to be done near a player)

/resetcuff (returns your cuffs)

Police Handbook

To make life a little easier for everyone, especially those not familiar with the ins and outs of the law, this handbook will help you when doing searches and performing arrests.



Online Interiors

We have been looking now for a long time to find a way to increase the ways in which RP can be done, the biggest issue was there was very few places to create a decent RP scene, this is now no longer the case, we have buildings with fully modelled interiors all over the map which are enterable which should lead to some great RP scenes and we can't wait to see you all out there in them.

Vehicle Changes

Below are some quick updates regarding certain vehicles:

Subaru Impreza - Removed

VW Touran - Removed

Range Rover 2019 Removed

LAS Ambulance - improved

3 Series Saloon 2021 - improved

Game Spawnpoint

We have changed it up a little bit with the spawn point in the game and you will now spawn at the station down on Del Perro Pier just for something new, we have temporarily removed the police interiors mod until we can get it working correctly (falling through map If anything's broken ... no it's not.

Most of the new additions to the server were paid assets. This update wouldn't have been as large and high quality as it is without the help of our Donators.

Let me again say a huge thanks to all of our donators who have truly made this update happen

Massive thanks to Crisp who bought the fire tools resource for us some time ago! We never expect our admins to do anything out of pocket but it is always really appreciated

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