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K9 Update !

Added K9 mod - You can access the K9 menu by pressing LeftAlt+Home. F1 will toggle the K9 to follow/heel. To attack aim with a weapon at suspect (probably best with a taser) and press F1 for them to attack. The Delete key will toggle the K9 to get in/out of vehicle.


Added Vauxhall Insignia Estate (Available to everyone)

Added BMW 530D Dog Unit Vehicle (Available to Server Verified and above)

Added new Heli Port to the F11 TP menu - this MUST now be the only place you spawn a Heli

Replaced broken Ford Transit with slightly different working model.


With regards to the K9 mod, we will be developing this more to include a dog vest and a dog handler ped, but for now its the basic functionality.

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