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Department Update

For now, the only other updates we are making you aware of are some surrounding a couple of bits about the departments:

* We are no longer continuing to offer hosted training sessions for PC promotions. They have proved to be very resource intensive and usually are mixed bag in terms of attendance. We are looking to develop a new, application form based approach to PC promotions. PC promotions will therefore temporarily be paused while we look to implement this.

* The server verification system will also be changed. We will not be assigning a [PO] callsign for anyone requesting verification. Instead, we will change your discord callsign to whatever you are allocated automatically in game. We will still assign you the PO role in discord and in-game. From your perspective, when you request verification, nothing is changing - Please pop your in-game allocated callsign in the verification channel and we will amend your accesses on our end as soon as possible. Anyone who currently has a PO callsign will keep it.

* LAS and LFB 'applications' are also on pause while we develop some changes to how these departments operate.

Again, watch this space as we have some more changes and improvements to make soon, and we will announce them when we are ready.

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