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Christmas Update


* You should see some Christmas additions to legion square. Oh... and I set the weather to permanent snow.

* Removed some defunct ranks which was done in response to a bug that prevented us from verifying users.

* Updated FiveM to the latest version via ZAP


We hope you've been keeping well!

Firstly, I just want to give a short apology for our absence in the running of the server. It's fair to say that when Sparko, Brie and I created PURE, we could have never have anticipated what it would become, and simply how much work is needed to effectively run a server, even of our relatively small size.

We are a small admin team and we all have our own lives, families, jobs and commitments to keep up with. We only run this community because we love it. We get nothing out of it financially, and even if we did, it wouldn't change how much commitment is required day to day. The admin team have worked incredibly hard, for so long, and, in fear of speaking on behalf of them all, I think it is fair to say we became burnt out.

We are however, happy to announce some new changes are coming to PURE, that we hope can kickstart this community back up!

While we continue to iron out a plan of attack, I think we must first announce that [CS-03] Sparko has decided to step-down as the Server Owner. As I say, running this server is a massive undertaking, and to do this on his own was a very tough job. For this reason, the ownership will now fall under [DC-02] scotsgamer93 [HFTO] and I. Together, we will be splitting responsibilities between ourselves, while trying to lead some new changes for the good.

I am sure that you will all join us in thanking Sparko for his immense dedication to creating and supporting the server. I know he is glad he can finally kick his feet up

Sparko will be retaining a Community Admin role, so he will still be a part of the PURE staff team, just with less pressure.

That's that for now! Watch this space for some more news and updates


- Nuka and Scot

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