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Christmas isn't over yet!

Who said Christmas was over?

We have an exciting announcement to make, after many many long hard hours (and a fair bit of hinderance from Scot) our brand new Support Services and CAD system are now live!

What is Support Services?

We had an over complex system previously with LFB, LAS, CIV & MET, we decided to simplify this down to MET and Support Services. Support Services now covers LFB, LAS, HM Coastguard, RNLI, Mountain Rescue and Highways England (HE). You’ll notice that some of these are new additions as we didn’t have them before. Below is a brief explanation of what each of their functions are:

Highways England

This has long been requested and we finally have a department in place to support the MET with major incident road closures, roadworks, diversions, accidents and breakdowns. We look forward to seeing you all out there making London’s roads that bit safer. Please note to use this department you must be part of Support Services

HM Coastguard & RNLI

Another exciting new department for you all to RP. Water rescues and RP are now possible, alongside beach patrols and search and rescue - where will your first callout bring you? We have brand new HM Coastguard EUP available for use when RPing this department with lots of customisable options! Please note to use this department you must be part of Support Services

Mountain Rescue

Stranded hikers have called in for help as they have gotten lost mid way on their hike to the peak, the temperatures are falling rapidly and daylight is fading fast, will your search and rescue mission be a success? Please note to use this department you must be part of Support Services

Sonoran CAD

We're super excited about this one - We can now proudly announce that we have a fully functioning CAD in the server with built in dispatch system, live map unit tracking and SmartSign integrations. Get yourself on the server now to discover all the features this has to offer.


We have upgraded our NPAS unit and we now have a working camera script with it! This has been highly requested for ages so we can’t wait to see you all testing it out! The controls for the Heli Cam are as follows:

To enter the camera/exit camera - E

Toggle Nightvision/Thermal Camera - Right Click Mouse

Vehicle Lock On (you need to be close enough to do this) - Spacebar

New AI Call-outs

We know not everyone is super keen on RP so fear not, we haven’t forgotten about you either, we have installed some additional call-outs which are predominantly based in the northern half of the map! These call-outs are new so we can’t to see what you do with them.

We have a multitude of new vehicles, EUP and Peds now in addition to the above we can’t wait to see your best efforts and some fancy new screenshots being posted over in screenshots.


This one's been a long time coming - we have new ARV EUP! Type /eup to see them. You can customise these using the vMenu. It's worth noting that you can edit your player's physical appearance and save the MP Ped in vMenu too!

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