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02/26/2021 Emotes! Update

Added: Realistic Vehicle Damage - Your vehicle will now sustain damage which will affect certain parts to malfunction.

Mechanic Garages - You can now go to a garage to fix your damaged vehicle, simply drive to one of the markers on the map and type /repair and a mechanic will then fix your vehicle. You can also do a 'bodge job' if your vehicle becomes too damaged to drive, use the same /repair function, you will then apply a temporary fix to your vehicle giving you time to get to a garage for a proper repair.

DO NOT just spawn a new car if yours has been damaged, this is considered FailRP, use the options available to you to repair your vehicle



Move Along: /ma

Paparazzo: /pap

Salute: /o7

Bird 1: /bird

Bird 2: /bird2

Surrender: /k

Facepalm: /palm

Cell Record: /phoneR

Notepad: /ticket

Crowd Control: /cc

Slow Clap: /sc

Umbrella: /umb



els_compatibility_mode has been set to 'true' within the vMenu config - meaning you no longer need to disable the siren in vMenu for lights only to be Q, this is now automatic

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