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Our Police Stations

We have a variety of stations within PureFivePD, from the Roads Policing Unit (RPU) at La Mesa, Custody Suite at Vinewood to the main Sinner Street Station. We have stations for every RP situation, join us today!

Sinner Street Station

Sinner Street Station is our main police station within PureFivePD. Here you will find our Firearms officers, RPU Officers, Superintendents & Commissioners offices. Got a suspect to be interrogated? Bring them to an interview room and get to the bottom of it.

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La Mesa Road Policing Unit

Our specialist pursuit trained officers are based out of La Mesa, it's location with access to the motorway network makes it ideally situated to keep London's roads safer.


Heathrow Airport Police Station

Specialist Firearms officers are based out of London Heathrow Police Station, with it's ultra secure perimeter and close proximity to the airport, the officers here are always ready to respond to any threat against London.

Davis Police Station

With it's underground car park, secure gated outdoor car park and multiple offices, this makes the ideal base for our Specialist Dog Handling Officers. Come check it out today!


Vinewood Custody Suite

So you've done the hard work, you've caught the offender, made the streets that little bit safer, but now you need somewhere to take your suspect. Vinewood has a large fully equipped custody suite, perfect for dropping your suspect off.

Please Note: This is exclusively accessible to Donators only.

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