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HEMS delivers rapid response and cutting edge medical care to save lives in the city.

They bring the hospital emergency department to the scene, delivering life-saving treatment to the 10 million people that live and work in London.

Ambulance delivers advanced trauma care to critically injured people – patients at serious risk of death or disability.

This ‘pre-hospital’ care is often for patients with critical injuries to their circulatory or respiratory systems.

On average, 5 patients each day are treated by London’s Air Ambulance.

Your circulatory system consists of your heart as well as your veins, arteries and capillaries, taking oxygenated blood from the lungs in arteries to every cell in your body for respiration. Severe bleeding could cause a lack of oxygen to the brain and over 40% blood loss could cause death.

London’s Air Ambulance carry the equipment not only to perform open heart surgery (thoracotomy), to fix the punctured heart and perform heart massage, but they also carry a blood transfusion kit and a special balloon to plug broken arteries and stop patients bleeding to death – a procedure call REBOA.

A punctured lung or a broken rib cage from a fall or car accident could be fatal.  London’s Air Ambulance can install a chest drain to remove trapped air or leaked blood from the pleural cavity, as well as provide artificial breathing through a ventilator.

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