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Additional rules/instructions have been added to accommodate the civ RP scenario, these are:

1. Anyone can play as a CIV

2. Any player who choses to RP as a civilian should keep their RP realistic to a UK themed RP server (e.g no guns as gun crime in general across the UK is low and wouldn’t be seen very often), baseball bats, knuckle dusters etc would be much more realistic.

3. Anyone playing as a civ or a police officer must use the FearRP rule or the GunFear rule. This means you must show genuine fear for your life should a scenario arise whereby, for example, you are at gunpoint or a taser is being pointed at you. Please google FearRP for a more in depth explanation. If you are tasered by police you CANNOT get up and run away, you need to RP the scene realistically.

4. If playing as a civ, to report a crime, or to initiate an RP situation you want police to attend, please use /999 in text chat, followed by your description of the situation and reply as if on a phone call. Police officers can reply as normal as if they are on the radio. No officer is obliged to reply, we need to remember that some players prefer to just play the FivePD aspect on our server.

5. Police officers can cuff players. To do this type [/cuff n] where n is the number allocated to that player without the []. To find out the players number press and hold your middle mouse button. DO NOT abuse this function, doing so will result in disciplinary action.

6. Civs will have no identity, its down to you to RP as you see fit, a lot like the DOJ RP setup, you get out of an RP situation what you put in, use /me's /do's and the like. Police officers, its down to you to RP situations such as criminal records etc as obviously the MFD will be defunct in a civ RP situation.

7. Be mindful of the RP you are creating, try and create a scene that involves multiple departments, takes a bit of thought and will last more than 30 seconds...constant high speed pursuits get boring very quickly.

8. Anyone that breaks any of the above rules or the standard server rules will be liable to disciplinary action.

9. Staff decision is final, if you feel your decision was unfair then please head over to the appeals section of the website. Click Here

                                                                                                   Rules are subject to change 

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